Brand Story
Natural Senses & Serene Senses are an exquisite range of natural and organic personal care brand of products, created from the eternal holistic and blissful lifestyle of people in Thailand.
Unlocking the beauty secrets of the East, in the Land of Smiles, the brands have evolved from decades of inherited experience and wisdoms of the Thai herbal world. Our unique collections of Skin and Hair care products are designed to cleanse, refresh, nourish and protect the hair and body. Combined with finest, natural ingredients infused with proven remedies and benefits, the products promise to be an indispensable companion to your personal well-being and lifestyle.

Unleash Your Body’s Potential

with Natural Senses and Serene Senses

These days many people lead very busy lives that are packed with commitments of work, family and friends. Unlike in the past, many people simply do not have the time to gather together to cook and eat a family meal, let along pamper their bodies and simulate their minds. However, in order to release your body’s full potential it is also important to give it the care and attention that it needs.

This is where the Serene Senses and Natural Senses Collections come in. We have created two very special and unique collections of body and hair care products that are designed to cleanse, refresh, nourish and protect the hair and body. We have sourced the highest quality natural ingredients from around the world, which are known for their healing, nourishing and protective properties.

These products are organic and natural and are designed to work with the body to release its full potential. Because these products are completely natural they are safe to use even for people who have very sensitive skin. People who appreciate the finer things in life are sure to enjoy the feeling of luxury and sensuality that comes from using these products. Aromatherapy is another key element of these products and natural ingredients such as kaffir lime, lemongrass and ginger have been chosen for their stimulating aromas as well as their naturally healing properties. For example, our anti-dandruff shampoo is infused with kaffir lime, which treats oily hair roots and strengthens them, while also preventing the scalp from itching. Of course, kaffir lime also has a very attractive aroma, which will lift your mood and leave your feeling on top form all day long.

The natural ingredients that are used in our products are sourced for their healing properties. We take our inspiration from natural Thai healing practices and many of our products include ingredients such as Aloe Vera, citronella and cold pressed coconut oil, which have been used in Thai beauty and natural healing practices for centuries.

Of course, you can be sure that all of these products are completely free from chemicals, which can be potentially harmful. Our main focus is on creating products that are as gentle and kind to the body as they are sensual and luxurious. All of our leading skin care products have been demagogically tested and come with advice from a natural therapist on the best ways to use them so that you can enjoy their full soothing and healing potential.

In order to look and feel fantastic from head to toe, make sure you treat yourself to products from the Natural Senses and Serene Senses collections. Feeling good starts with skin and hair care and you are sure to love the luxurious feeling of using our special aromatic massage oil at the end of a hard day. These products are specially designed to heighten the senses while caring for the body and promote stress relief, relaxation and serenity of mind to help you realise you best self and go on to face whatever lies ahead feeling cool, calm and collected.