What is USDA or certified Organic?

However, organic products also give consumers the additional confidence of having the US government’s approval. Products branded as being organic must have been produced in adherence of the laws currently set out. This means that the ingredients are not only grown in a special way, but also that the product must have met all the strict requirements of the US government in order to be labeled as ‘organic’. The term “Organic” is strictly defined in the US by uniform, federal regulations which means the food or fibre bearing the label was made with a set process of farming and production practices defined and regulated, in great detail, by the USDA.

Organic products are derived from soil. The organic term is associated with the soil which has not been in contact with any synthetic pesticide, pesticides or chemical fertilizer for at least 3 years more or less depending on toxic contact before being certified as an organic land from certifying operator. The plant must not contain any NON Genetically Modified Organism.

When you see the word or seal “organic” on a product label or packaging, you can be assured that the organic product was made without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

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