The term natural ingredients means that the ingredients come directly from natural sources and contain no synthetic components. The term natural is actually a step further than normal cosmetics, as it means that products that bear this label contain only plant sourced ingredients that are created without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or pesticides. In addition, natural products generally do not include ingredients such as petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulphates, phthalates, synthetic dyes and synthetic colours. When a beauty or body care product claims to be 100% natural, it is generally safe to assume that it is free from synthetic substances, which can be confirmed by reading the product label.

It is important to remember that just because something is natural, it does not necessarily mean that it is good for the skin or body and in some cases natural ingredients can actually have harmful effects such as causing rashes or allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you purchase natural skin and hair care products that are of top quality and come from a trusted source and understand the effects that different natural ingredients can have on the body.

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to skin and hair care products, you should not put anything on your skin that you would not feel confident consuming. This is because these products are absorbed by the body and quickly become part of your body’s complex and finely tuned metabolic system. We take great care to carefully source our ingredients so that you can be sure that you are receiving nothing but the best. Not only are all of our products clearly labelled with their natural and organic ingredients, you can also find full details of the beneficial effects of these ingredients with proper quality certification processes so that you can purchase them with confidence.

The term ‘Organic’ is a legal classification of a product that has been produced without using toxins, pesticides, artificial growth hormones or any antibiotics. These products are normally considered to be pure and healthy.

The ‘Organic’ label also means that the item does not contain any genetically modified organisms(GMO). GMO usages is becoming particularly concerning. Hence, buying organic is one way to be sure that the product is both legally certified and GMO free.

However, organic products also give consumers the additional confidence of having the US government’s approval. Products branded as being organic must have been produced in adherence of the laws currently set out. This means that the ingredients are not only grown in a special way, but also that the product must have met all the strict requirements of the US government in order to be labeled as ‘organic’. The term “Organic” is strictly defined in the US by uniform, federal regulations which means the food or fibre bearing the label was made with a set process of farming and production practices defined and regulated, in great detail, by the USDA.

Organic products are derived from soil. The organic term is associated with the soil which has not been in contact with any synthetic pesticide, pesticides or chemical fertilizer for at least 3 years more or less depending on toxic contact before being certified as an organic land from certifying operator. The plant must not contain any NON Genetically Modified Organism.

When you see the word or seal “organic” on a product label or packaging, you can be assured that the organic product was made without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

This is not a simple ‘yes’, or ‘no’, answer. Organic means that the term has legal consequences and requirements for a product to be labeled as being organic. The organic product must have passed a set range of tests and requirements in order to be able to use the word ‘organic’ in its description.

Natural products can also be very healthy and even organic in nature, but may not have the legal classification yet. From a responsible company, such as ourselves, natural products can be highly beneficial to your overall well-being. Our products are produced in a morally responsible way, meaning that they are designed in balance with nature. The health of our customers is our foremost priority. Our Management commitment ensures that all Natural or Organic products that you buy from us, is of great standards.

All our baby care products are produced as certified organic products. Which means the products are using 100% certified organic raw materials and all these products have been duly accepted and certified by global organic certifying agencies  such as USDA Organic and Bioagricert Organic Cosmetic. Having this quality seal in the products, ensure that your baby is free from any potential danger in using our products as only the best ingredients have been used. Serene Senses Baby Care understands the safety care for the baby products and monitors  the continuous requirement of  maintaining the quality standards involved in the ingredients, design, development  and production process.


❖ SLES, SLS free

❖ No-harsh Chemical

❖ Paraben Free

❖ 100% Certified Organic Oil

❖ Using Certified Organic Non-GMO Plants derived raw materials

❖ Aromatherapy Grade Pure Essential Oils

❖ Certified production process by USDA Organic and Bioagricert

❖ No Synthetic Fragrance

❖ No Synthetic Color

❖ No Thickener

❖ Preservative Free

❖ No animal testing

❖ Food Grade, 100% Recyclable packaging

❖ Bisphenol – A free Plastic Containers


Serene Senses Baby Care understands the safety care for the baby products and monitors  the continuous requirement of  maintaining the of quality standards involved in the design, development  and production. Complying to European and US quality standards,  the Serene Senses Baby Care team is geared to be a Market Leader  with uncompromising Quality and Unparalleled Ethics, guaranteeing Customer satisfaction.

We encourage people from different countries of the world to apply for distributorship of our products. The applicant must have proven track record of distribution network of consumer goods within the country with established connections with the retail stores. The person must have adequate financial capability to stock goods in his warehouse for at least a 3 months cycle period. Our Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 3000pcs per SKU. But before applying for a distributorship, we highly recommend to order few samples from our website and test the products, so that it is a successful venture on a long term basis.

As a distributor, you are an independent entity and allowed to sell them to retail stores and chains or directly to the end user with high returns. We offer complete support in areas of the business, ranging from advertising, marketing & promotion, supply chain management etc. Our dedicated Public Relation team will ensure all your requirements are fulfilled promptly.

Ordering products from Natural Senses is easy and simple. We are endeavor providing a pleasure online shopping experience for you. You can browse by product category, brand, and product range. You can view product details with full product description, ingredient and How to Use.

We are able to accept payment through cheques(upon arrival) and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). Pay Pal is also accepted in our website. Credit cards are processed when the order is placed. Customers also can pay via Banking Transfer, for which please write to contact@natural-senses.com for our bank details.

Orders will only be processed after full payment is received through our website or at least 50% of payment has been received for big orders through bank transfers. We will contact you after you have placed your order with the cost for shipping.

There is a minimum order quantity required for online buying which is 12 pcs/SKU and for offline buying as a distributor is 3000Pcs/SKU

Regardless of the organic and natural product categories that we have, you can have faith that all our products provide you and your customers with a total peace of mind. This means that our products not only help to make users feel fresh in body and mind, but also that we think customers should feel good about using our products. In fact, we think that they should feel proud to be using Natural and Serene Senses products!

It is for this reason that we careful select all our product ingredients to meet our company’s high standards. We don’t only want healthy non-toxic ingredients, but those which are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. We aim to provide 100% chemical free products that are free from preservatives and detergents. Only the purest, kindest ingredients are chosen. Here at Serene Senses, we use only natural ingredients that promote health and a feeling of well-being.

Many oriental approaches to life are more in harmony with nature. This is why we have decided to try and introduce some of the timely lessons of Thailand and Buddhism to the West. We want to return some calm to the lives of the busy people in this world, to promote their emotional and physical health through the relaxing effects of Thai herbal blends.

The Natural & Serene Senses range of products combine the right balance of product quality with competitive pricing to provide right offering for it’s customers. We believe in :