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Citronella is a type of grass that grows in a number of Asian countries as well as a few islands in the South Pacific. It has a crisp and lemony smell when crushed, which gives it the name citronella from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Although citronella doesn’t look very impressive at first glance, it has an amazing range of health boosting properties including antibacterial, antiseptic, deodorant, insect repellent and anti-depressant. This makes citronella essential oil the perfect addition to a large number of natural and organic beauty products.

Citronella Natural Massage Oil

The properties in citronella essential oil help to fight depression and provide relief from anxiety as well as sadness and other negative feelings. Indulging in a relaxing massage using a natural massage oil that is infused with citronella is the perfect way to lift your mood and unwind after a hard day. This special oil also helps to relive spasms of the muscles, which is perfect for when you are suffering from aches and pains and want to give your body a real treat.

Banish Bacteria with Citronella Essential Oil

Components such as methyl isoeugenol that are found naturally in citronella essential oil are excellent at killing bacteria and help to put a stop to bacterial growth in the body. This makes the oil an ideal addition to a wide range of different types of natural soaps and skin lotions and you can be sure that as well as looking and feeling clean from head to toe you will smell fantastic when you regularly reach for these products.

Keep Skin Clear with Citronella Essential Oil

The antibacterial properties in orange essential oil help to reduce a wide range of skin infections such as acne, warts and boils. Application of natural products that contain citronella essential oil on the skin can also aid the complexion and improve skin tone by making the skin smoother while tightening the skin pores effectively.

Pump up the Volume with Citronella Essential Oil

When orange essential oil is added to natural shampoos is helps to create more volume while also making the hair smooth and shiny. People who suffer from frizzy hair will find that this natural shampoo detangles the hair, leaving it manageable. Citronella essential oil also helps to control oil on the scalp, which is ideal for people who suffer from greasy hair.

Citronella is Nature’s Deodorant

In recent years there has been a lot of controversy over many types of commercial deodorants as it is said by many health experts that they contain heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Fortunately, these can be avoided easily when you use a natural deodorant that uses citronella essential oil to keep those bad smells at bay. Citronella essential oil is also the perfect addition to a bath so that you can simply sit back and soak your way to fresh and clean skin.

Beat Bugs with Citronella Essential Oil

Say goodbye to the potentially harmful chemicals such as deet that are lurking in commercial mosquito repellent and switch to natural sprays and lotions that contain citronella essential oil. A large number of different types of insects hate the smell of citronella essential oil such as mosquitoes, head lice and fleas, making natural products that contain this ingredient the perfect companion that you will want to keep close to hand at all times.

The great thing about natural beauty products is that they also give off a wonderfully lemony scent. This smell is long lasting and is sure to make you feel fresh and clean all day long. If you are looking for a way to boost your skin and hair health the natural way, choosing products that are infused with citronella essential oil is an excellent option.


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