Enjoy the Beauty Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is a special type of oil that is extracted from the evening primrose flower. This oil has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its healing properties and is known to relive aches and pains including headaches, help control weight and relive a wide range of other types of medical complaints. While many women around the world take evening primrose capsules as a health supplement, these days it is also added to top quality beauty products for its impressive hair and skin boosting properties. Let’s take a closer look at the beauty benefits of evening primrose oil.


Say Goodbye to Eczema with Evening Primrose Oil

The GLA that is found in abundance in evening primrose oil helps to cure eczema. People who use natural skin lotions, body balms and other products that contain evening primrose oil are sure to discover that the symptoms of eczema such as flaking skin, itching, inflammation and evening oozing wounds are healed after just a few applications, making it easy to step out with confidence once again.


Get Clear Skin with Evening Primrose Oil

Some of the essential fatty acids that can be found in primrose oil help to reduce the risk clogged pores formation as well as the development of skin lesions. This special substance also goes to work to cure the inflammation that is caused by rosacea by controlling the use of nutrients in the skin cells and producing the prostaglandins that the skin needs to stay radiant and healthy.


Turn Back the Hands of Time with Evening Primrose Oil

The special antioxidants that are found in evening primrose oil help to prevent free radical formation, which is capable of triggering unwanted reactions in the body such as acne and blackheads. The impressive anti-bacterial and analgesic properties in nutmeg oil also help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. Therefore, by simply using skin lotions and facial scrubs that contain evening primrose oil oil you can get clear and young looking skin without having to use harsh chemicals or go under the surgeon’s knife.


Banish Blemishes with Evening Primrose Oil

The linoleic acid that is found in evening primrose oil goes to work to strengthen the cell membranes and improve the overall quality of the skin. Regular use of special natural facial washes that contain grape seed oil can cure a wide range of different types of skin problems including acne and pimples. The special antioxidant characteristic also prevents the pores in the skin from clogging and in this way helps to prevent an outbreak of acne. The anti-inflammatory properties also help to cure existing pimples and acne, making them a thing of the past very quickly.


Get Stronger Nails with Evening Primrose Oil

People who suffer from brittle nails that flake and break easily can also benefit from rubbing natural skin lotions containing evening primrose oil into their nails. This is especially effective in the winter months when harsh wind and low temperatures can deteriorate the nails. In addition to making the nails stronger and healthier, this special natural lotion will also give the nails an appealing shine and can even be used to help treat nail fungus infection. For maximum benefits, place a little natural body lotion in a bowl and soak the nails in the lotion for a few minutes as often as required.


Get Fuller Hair with Evening Primrose Oil

People who suffer from thin or sparse hair will want to top into the natural beauty secret of shampoos and conditioners that contain evening primrose oil. When evening primrose oil is regularly applied to the scalp it can promote hair growth and make the hair thicker and more lustrous. Simply take your favourite natural conditioner that contains avocado oil and rub it into the scalp after washing your hair. Leave the conditioner on the scalp for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. This can be done several times a week or as often as you like and you are sure to notice the results after just a few days.


Other impressive beauty benefits of evening primrose oil include lightening dark circles around the eyes, smoothing rough skin, hydrating dry skin and repairing skin cells. Check out natural skin and hair care products containing evening primrose oil to get great complexion as well as hair that is full of vitality.

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