Jazz up Your Life with Jasmine Essential Oil

Most people are aware of the intense beauty and enchanting smell of the exotic white jasmine flower, which can easily lift your spirits and is believed to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac. For centuries this special flower has been used to help treat a wide range of conditions such as eye disorders, headaches, fever, epilepsy, itches, wounds and ulcers. These days jasmine essential oil is often added to high quality natural beauty products such as soaps, shampoos, body lotion and massage oil. Let’s take a closer look at jasmine essential oil and its many beauty benefits.


A Real Treat for Your Skin

Enjoy soft and kissable skin by using natural moisturisers and body lotions that feature jasmine essential oil as one of their main ingredients. Applying this lotion to stretch marks and scars can also help to make them fade, while it tones and soothes dry skin and helps to retain the skin’s natural elasticity, making it firmer and younger looking. The natural properties in jasmine essential oil also work wonders on sore and red skin caused by sunburn, while also helping to relive rashes.


Get Natural Protection with Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine essential oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to boost the skin’s natural immune properties, which can keep skin infections at bay. When natural facial washes that contain jasmine essential oil are regularly used these properties can also help to prevent skin blemishes such as pimples from developing and help to make sure that your skin is always smooth and healthy.


Enjoy Strong and Radiant Locks

Jasmine essential oil works winders as a natural moisturiser, which makes it the perfect addition to natural conditioners. It can also help to strengthen the hair roots and prevent the hair from becoming brittle. This is particularly beneficial in the winter time as the hair will be protected from becoming dry and frizzy. Regular application of natural shampoos and conditioners containing jasmine essential oil also helps to make the hair stronger while unleashing its natural growth properties to make it longer and thicker.


Say Goodbye to Scalp Infections

People who suffer from eczema and psoriasis of the scalp will know all too well how itching and even painful these conditions can be. Thankfully, jasmine essential oil can work wonders for these conditions too. Simply massage a little natural conditioner into the scalp and leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes before thoroughly rinsing the hair and scalp with warm water. This practice can be repeated as often as desired as the natural conditioner is designed to be very gentle and after just a few applications you are sure to discover that the healing powers of jasmine essential oil help to clear up the scalp and leave it smooth and healthy once more.


The Perfect Massage Oil

As we have already mentioned, jasmine essential oil is known for its aphrodisiac properties, which makes it an excellent addition to natural massage oils. Couples who want to reconnect in a sensual and relaxing way can benefit from using natural massage oils infused with jasmine essential oil to treat each other to a relaxing massage at the end of the evening.


The other great thing about natural beauty products that use jasmine essential oil is that the wonderful smell stays with you throughout the day. This is sure to put a spring in your step and draw people to you while also giving your hair and skin a natural glow. People who suffer from inflammation of the skin and joins will also be able to reap the benefits of using natural products that are infused with jasmine essential oil and are sure to enjoy adding these products into their daily skin care routine.

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