Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in cooking and is an important ingredient in many Asian soups, sauces and curries. However, this rather odd looking tropic fruit also contains powerful properties that have been used for centuries in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines for its numerous health benefits. These days kaffir lime essential oil is often added to high quality organic hair and skin products and has been shown contain special properties that health promote oral health, boost skin health, ward off insects and work wonders in a wide range of other ways. Let’s take a close look at kaffir lime and discover why this is the perfect natural body and hair care companion.


Kaffir Lime and Skin Care

Kaffir lime essential oil is mixed into many different types of natural skin care products because of its wonderful smell as well as its antioxidants properties. Some of the special acids that are found in kaffir limes can help to neutralise free radicals, which are the dangerous by products of cellular respiration that can cause cell mutation or apoptosis, as well as cancer. These antioxidant compounds also help to repress the breakdown of skin cells and minimise the appearance of age marks, as well as scars and pimples. If you want your skin to look healthy and fresh, using facial washes, soaps and other skin products that are infused with kaffir lime essential oil could be a step in the right direction. People who suffer from acne and skin blemishes will also find that they are reduced dramatically when these special soaps are used.


Kaffir Lime and Hair Health

This essential oil is often used in natural shampoos and conditioners as it helps to strengthen the hair follicles and can even reduce hair loss. Kaffir lime essential oil moisturises the scalp to help prevent dryness that can lead to dandruff and leave the hair very smooth, soft and shiny. Regular use of these natural shampoos and conditioners can leave the hair very manageable as well as give it a natural great smell and it is suitable for all hair types.


Kaffir Lime Essential Oil in Body Scrubs

The antibacterial properties in kaffir lime essential oil help cleanse and purify the skin and leave it fresh and with a wonderful scent. A natural body scrub that uses this essential oil is the perfect addition to a bath time routine as it helps to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin firm, soft and thoroughly clean and fresh.


Kaffir Lime Essential Oil in Massage Oil

This magical oil has been proven to help reduce stress, which makes it the perfect addition to natural massage oils. The oil also boasts anti-inflammatory properties, which means that people who suffer from conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, oedema and gout could really benefit from enjoying regular massages with this special oil.


Kaffir Lime as a Natural Insect Repellent

The citronellol and limonene that is found in kaffir lime are repellent to insects such as mosquitoes. When you put natural lotion that contains kaffir lime on your skin it can naturally repel insects while at the same time releasing a smell that is pleasant to humans and is kind to the skin.


Kaffir Lime and Oral Health

Kaffir lime essential oil has been proven to help promote good oral health by eliminating harmful bacteria that tends to build up in the mouth. Not only does this bacteria lead to bad breath, it can also cause cavities. Natural toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain kaffir lime essential oil can help to promote mouth and gum health while also leaving the breath smelling fresh.

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